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The Best Dermaplaning Treatments on the Gold Coast

Dermaplaning (also called Epiblading or Dermablading) is a skin exfoliation treatment. The treatment uses a medical grade blade to very gently remove or shave the surface of your skin to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz / fine hairs.

Get the Best Exfoliation for Your Skin with Dermaplaning

At Face Solutions on the Gold Coast, all our staff are fully trained in dermablading and can maximise the exfoliation in each session. Their experience means you will get maximum results in every session. You’ll be expertly taken care of by our certified skin therapists while they ensure maximum control of pressure, number of passes and contact with eyebrows and nose.

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Dermaplaning FAQ’s

It’s a myth that dermaplaning is painful. Trained therapists will be experienced and have a feather light touch. Most patients would agree it’s a lot less uncomfortable than waxing for example.

Dermaplaning is extremely safe for most people with little risk of side effects when performed by a qualified therapist.

No. Another myth that dermaplaning will cause hair to regrow thicker. Dermaplaning is like a super detailed and delicate form of shaving, it doesn’t affect the follicles.

No, absolutely not. Do not try this at home simply because you have watched a video. Please use experienced and qualified skin therapists like ourselves.

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